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(+91) 08006950819
Gregory Stievenart 2 hours
Claimed to be from United States Social Security.

(+91) 09493762425
You 1 days
I have a vedio

(+91) 07538576607
annoyed 2 days
sounded like an Indian sounding woman

(+91) 07037737501
Maggs 2 days
This caller was at 8.20am????? . Hate these calls

(+91) 07366885405
My number check looctio

(+91) 08158672615
Helen K 3 days
Got called twice today from 815 867 2615, ID said IL. Didn't answer. I have begun to refuse to answer any number not in my contacts, they can leave a message if it's a real call.

(+91) 07935360477
Bev j 3 days
I have received a text message from this number today asking me to verify my paypal account in 24 hrs or will be perminately closed down!

(+91) 07305980314
Anonymous 3 days
That’s my number. Wtf. I’m just a normal woman. Must have been a mistake. Sorry.